What is a Peep? What is a Smore?

I live a little in my head, most often a nice place, every now and then I could also use a break from it. But, I think I have assumed you know what I mean when I say “peep” and “smore” as if you also live in my head.

First, this is an assumption that there is a “you” because as I have mentioned, technology=struggle street, and I don’t actually know by any kind of analytics if there is a “you”. But second, Peeps&Smores is a working philosophy. I used to think it was two kinds of people, but that didn’t sit right, and then I also had the experience of being a peep so I needed to adjust my lines there… As creator of the concept, I am free to do such things. And I landed somewhere around it being more of a sliding scale measure. I went ahead and started working it out on [digital] paper recently and here’s what I started with.

Do you know what I mean?

I would be hard pressed to find a topic that we couldn’t apply the P&S lens to. Feel free to send me one though… Assuming again there is a you.