Look + Listen : My Movie Picks : “I, Tonya” + “Dries”


Here are my picks for your Netflix+Chill or Movie Night out if you haven’t already seen them:

“I, Tonya”: What I loved about this movie aside from the incredible denim, hair styles, characters, and soundtrack was that it felt like someone took the time to look at a situation that heavily favors one person while completely condemning the other, and found a story revealed through a slither of optimism. While everyone has been so sure Tonya Harding is a bitter little monster, it’s optimism that shows some sort of alternative option for how this could have really happened. The movie shows how all of the factors that contributed to her downfall came together to create this event. And in a situation where you think you could never have sympathy for her, you will be proven wrong. Major. And hopefully think twice when it comes time to condemn again. Which is really a powerful takeaway any way you slice it (melt it). And sidenote: If you liked “The Big Short” I think you’ll like this too. Similar way of story-telling.

It is equal parts complex and simple. It is simultaneously a picture of brilliance in its storytelling and downright stupidity in some of the characters. It is exhilarating (triple axels!) and at times terrifying (abuse, horrible). It left me feeling grateful (hugged my kids all day long) and convicted (why we gotta be so quick to hate on people!?), shocked (who knew!) and skeptical (Is this the true story?) I don’t know if it’s the truth, I do hope so, but haven’t done research…and I won’t because this isn’t a newspaper and that’s not the homework I’m into… But regardless the silver lining of the message is just the good old “people in glass houses” (which is every one of us) “shouldn’t throw stones” (even though we all do, we should just try a little harder some times.) (P.S. So many parenthesis in this paragraph.)

In conclusion, as someone who pretty much never goes to the movies I’d say hands down it’s worth the cost of the babysitter. But was it worth the cost of the velvet shirt I felt inspired to buy because of it? Yes it was. Because even if I have never worn it in IRL it was suuuupes on sale at Madewell. And I will find a way to wear it. Go see it!

DRIES” – On Netflix

6 Things I LOVE about this movie:

1. For starters, it’s good to know that you pronounce it “Dreez” not “Dry-ze” Phew. Kind of like when you realize  Net-a-Porter is actually Net-a-“Portay”, but dissimilar to the time when I thought espadrilles were pronounced “espadreeYAYs” because I’m from San Antonio and think it still makes perfect sense. Thankfully I have a good friend who explained both  N-A-P and Espadrilles to me. She answers most of my fashion questions and you will meet her soon.

2. Patterns, Colors, Intricacy + Care that goes into the Fabrics. So beautiful. Toasty. 

3. His HOME! Melt. 

4. The man himself, he’s charming, endearing, brilliant.

5. It’s pretty much always the perfect thing to turn on. Working but want to have something lovely on in the background? Dries. Ready for bed but want to fall asleep to a movie? Dries.

6. It’s a fashion movie that’s an actual fashion movie. Because I got really excited about the American Crime Versace just because I thought it would be fashiony and I was so wrong.  Bad. Dark. Scary. Don’t watch. Save your precious innocence.

Happy Watching, and Happy Almost Weekend!


Source: Image of Suzy Menkes illustration:

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