Too Excited for Paddington Two

Coming out this weekend! It is hard to pin exactly what I love about Paddington when there are so many things. For starters, it was probably the first movie that Noli would watch all the way through. And yes, I too have those concerns about kids watching TV, but I also get tired. And tired trumps a lot of things particularly very early in the morning and also around 3 PM (and many times in between). But those fears were somewhat assuaged because the movie is adorable. It is also much more pleasant to watch than Elmo. (Except for that episode where Will.I.Am shows up and sings that great song.)

Obviously, Paddington himself is adorable: coat, hat, boots, bear. But the back-story is cute too. He shows up at Paddington Station (hence his name) from darkest Peru wielding a suitcase and a tag on his coat that says “Please look after this Bear. Thank You.” The author, Michael Bond, said that he remembers newsreels of child evacuees leaving London during WWII  with suitcases and labels around necks.

Can you imagine? Toddlers with technology=much less terrifying, which is fresh perspective on nostalgia if you think about it.

Anyway, he moves in with the Brown family who are hilarious- well mainly Mr. Brown, who is not unlike a Mr. Moorman who lives in our house…

But, their house. What a dream

P.S. It is movies like this that reveal to me that my dreams of being a minimalist are just that: a dream. One look at their home and I want bold red, patterned, wallpaper in my bedroom,

layers and gallery walls everywhere, and I’ll be darned if I don’t start searching for a carousel horse to casually incorporate into the decor too.

Not very minimalistic, no. I think this movie is also partially to blame for the current state of Noli’s room now that I think about it… Because I definitely started out with high hopes of magical layers and organized randomness, but I didn’t quite execute that organized part… Officially adding her room to my New Years Resolution list. *Make Noli’s room less random, more magical. Speaking of magical, the thought of living in a secret attic absolutely melts my mallow.

The movie is also great inspiration ground for dog names. For example, a duo named Twinkle and Coconut. Or a great big furry Uncle Pastuzo. You’re welcome. 

It will leave you with a newfound if only theoretical appreciation for marmalade, a desire for high tea, an itch to go to London, re-decorating inspo meltiness, and an overall warm feeling as fuzzy as the bear himself. Pinkies up for Paddington 2!

P.S. This is an author cameo.

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