Well, Hello Again

Hello! Suffice it to say, it’s been a while. My last post was September of 2011. So, Six years of silence later, here we are. While I know the actual perfect date to restart would probably be April 25th because “its not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”* I just couldn’t wait until spring. And P.S. the start of a new year seemed like a wonderful time to start a new project too. 

When I decided I wanted to bring Peeps&Smores back, suddenly I felt it necessary to complete a whole list of to-do’s in order to make this a worthwhile project. And I’m not exactly great at completing To-Do lists… I actually haven’t even finished yet, but here we are! Thinking with two hands, on the one hand re-starting the blog was a simple thing, and on the other it was a complicated thing. And on both hands, everything takes me forever to do these days. 

For starters, I wanted a new site and a new look. (Simple wants.)

Neither of which I felt able to do alone. (Complicated, “the files are in the computer?” I literally don’t know how to do much of anything.)

In order to pursue a “philosophy” rooted in a 1 inch x 1 inch puff of fluff,  I thought some nice branding might help elevate things a bit. And while working on that, (which was such a fun process- more on that later) I realized more clearly how the concept has evolved in my mind and it propelled me further to start posting again. 

What I know clearly now is that “peeps” and “smores” are not two separate groups. It is not called Smores not Peeps, or Peeps OR Smores, it’s Peeps and Smores. The concept is not divisive. Rather, it’s more aptly interpreted as a measure or a state:

How close is your marshmallow to the fire? 

Because hopefully we all know what it feels like when you are melting it, but we’ve all been guilty of taking our marshmallow out of the fire too. You get burned and decide to retreat, but, if you stay out too long you might forget you’ve got to get back to the heat!

P.S.   this is me, inching my marshmallow back in and hoping it’s going to be fun!


*Miss Congeniality quote