Giving Rojos

Have you ever heard the Hispanic phrase “Giving Ojos“?  My experience with it is hearing people use it about babies, and then once recently I heard it used about a purse my mom was carrying. “Let me touch your bag before I get Ojos,” the woman said. “Hmm I’ve had that,” I thought.

In Latin American culture, “mal de ojo” is caused when one looks at another with envy and it is believed to inflict injury or bad luck. Mothers are especially wary of evil eye and protect their infants by having them wear bracelets. Source here 

But, the real question is, have you ever heard of “Giving Rojos“? Doubtful, because I just made it up. And it means, having “ojos” about things that are “rojo”. I think it works nicely. Rrrrolls rrrright off the tongue: Rrrojos.

Before I had invented the term, I was trying inadequately to explain that I had rojos about Paddington’s house. But prior to that and to now, I’ve really been convinced that red is not for me.

Well, wait, that’s not entirely true because I have coveted the “red” coiffe on both TTH and Amber Venz for a longgg time. This year I have attempted my own version of it. While I’m struggling to find a picture of myself from any of the fashion weeks, I did find a picture of it from driving carpool with the towel and clip still around my shoulders from the salon,  (Koi Salon) because, well, that’s all the beautifying I had time for before the pre-school bell rang.

Sidenote: going to school pick up like this was far better than when I went in 30 degree wet weather with pedicure flip flops on. I’m not sure if these stories are revealing me to be surprisingly high maintenance or just plain idiotic, nevertheless, I digress.

But, clothing-wise, accessory-wise, style-wise, red has not been my thing. The same thing has happened to me with yellow as a matter of fact. Primary colors coming at me left and right. Now I am seeing red all over the place.  I need it in my life, I want it in my life...

a new handbag to have rrrrojos over

So many things giving me rojos that I realize now I must have been wrong about the color altogether. The list of rojos I’m drawn to currently is long, growing and just in time for Valentine’s Day as cupid would have it…

1.Oscar Earrings 2. Strawberry Earrings 3. Chalk Drawing 4. Sandal 5. Dress 6. Beetle Earring 7. Cherry Print 8. Burgundy Chair 9. MidCentury Table 10. Bikini 11. Sunnies 12. Ruffle Sweater 13. Striped Handbag 14. Velvet slipper


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