Give the Gift Of __________

Literally anything. Give the Gift of: health, travel, Disney, a Santa-driven Lexus. So many Gift Guides and so many options:

quite literally, even ketchup

As a person who suffers from lack of focus, the holiday season doubles down on my distraction. In addition to the normal strictures of the week- will 8 AM school drop-off ever feel chill?– the holidays obviously press you for much more. On top of that, Christmas gift giving can feel mixed up as an expression of how much you love your people. It’s #Stressful.

I love Christmas and I love a special gift. And I love that some people excel at giving them. (I just got one at Thanksgiving and it was exceptional.) But we aren’t all that… gifted.

So many questions…

When did gifts get such a say in things? Do gifts actually make people feel more loved? Or has the act divided from the purpose? What was the original purpose? The wisemen bringing gifts? I think we may have strayed because that would have been about 3 gifts. I have a friend who has to buy like 60+ presents for her family and extended family. And actually she’s not the only one I know. Just thinking of that makes me feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag and it’s not even my job. And I love that she can do that but I would probably disappear “Where’d You Go Bernadette” style in that scenario. As in, escape to Antarctica to avoid mass gift giving. South Pole > North Pole?

Because sometimes racing through December constantly brainstorming, threatening Elf espionage, list-making and one-click buying can block the opportunities to do the stuff I fantasize about doing all year at Christmas time…. Which is basically sitting around a Christmas tree with a touch of the Dutch, wearing pajamas, and watching Elf on repeat– unattainable with a life, husband, and two children– so obviously I am in pursuit of finding the sweet spot- the melting point if you will- of gift giving.

New Strategy… I hope.

My hope this December is to try to keep a few things in the forefront so as to guide my shopping, help me maintain focus, and hopefully give and receive with intention. Here they are:

First is a lesson from church outlining 5 principles of money and how to consider it:

And then here is a draft of a questionnaire I’m hoping to follow for my kids so that I don’t end up purchasing a ton of Target nonsense like a monster unicorn that poops rainbow slime…. again. As in, yes, we actually already own that toy. Save us!!!!!!

Hoping additionally to that to think of an age appropriate experience to illustrate “giving” that resonates with a 5 year old.

And then a couple of things I have screenshot recently to bolster resistance…

For shopping for things for moi, oops!:

And just a general mental health PSA:


I feel like every little bit of thought helps sooo on that note…. wishing you lots of intentionality this Cyber Monday! And Happy December!