Favorite Fashion Movies

I always get fired up when a new fashion movie comes out.

A) because I like clothes and

B) Because I am a complete weenie when it comes to what I watch.

Complete. I cannot watch anything dark. Well…..except Succession, I can watch “Very Ralph” to add it to my “favorite fashion movies” reel.

I actually think my husband liked “Very Ralph” almost more than I did. For starters: fringe. My husband is having a fringe moment that is not a moment at all. Pretty sure it’s here to stay.

Additionally: cars.

Next: ranches, jeeps, safaris, beaches, planes, Americana, vintage everything. Essentially he loved it for the reason we all love RL. His ability to capture the style and image of this kind of life. It’s “down home” and comfortable. It’s casual and worn-in but also glam- sequins and safaris, Paris and Africa. Trips to the beach- exotic or exclusive but always at ease. And if he can get away with selling a pair of used Red Wing boots in Aspen for 300 bones, I guess go on with your bad self? Every boy from my junior school should be hiking up to the mountains to try to hawk those puppies.

So, “Very Ralph” will be held in good company with my Top 5 other favorite fashion movies (although let’s be honest there are more than 5…) :

The Last Emperor about Valentino and the “closing act of his celebrated career”

Dior and I about Raf Simons and his first collection as Creative Director for Christian Dior which he accomplished in 8 weeks.

The First Monday in May about the Met Gala a behind the scenes look at the Gala, the exhibits, and a conversation about fashion as art.

Andrew Bolton Head Curator of the Costume Institute at the Met

Coco Before Chanel – with Audrey Tautou, so so good. And if you haven’t seen THIS movie, watch it too.

You will fall in love with Boy.
And this will make you want to embrace the pajama as day-wear trend.

And do you really think I would forget….

As If! Clueless.

*images pulled from Pinterest