Peeps&Smores is a lifestyle-ish blog that celebrates character, characters, and their characteristics in the form of “what melts your marshmallow.” P&S is motivated by the pursuit to expel the notion that to be happy, successful, fulfilled, stylish, etc. that you must fit yourself to the mold, look a certain way, put checks in boxes, perform and measure up. Rather, if we can assume we are all marshmallow based, trust we are uniquely designed, then it’s what you do with your marshmallow that counts. It’s about what the you that you were designed to be brings to the table thereby elevating single trusted principle: always move toward whatever melts your marshmallow. Find your fire and get closer to it, whatever that may be.

P.S. Get Toasty my friend because there are millions of ways to melt a marshmallow and no one can do it just like you.