6 San Antonio venues hosting a collective art exhibit:

Blue Star

Art Pace

Southwest School of Art

Mexican Cultural Institute

Carver Community Cultural Center

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Namely, Common Currents, a collection of contemporary artwork created by 300 artists providing a visual history of San Antonio’s 300 years, year by year. MELT! 

12 initial artists who each invited 2 peers, those artists then invited 2 more who invited 2 more, so on and so on until 300 artists were assembled, the process being like a Chain Letter. These artists were then each assigned 1 year in San Antonio’s 300 year history as their subject for a piece of art. The art is displayed chronologically through the 6 venues across San Antonio.

I would say let’s make it a date! Go with a friend, your kids, parents, grandparents, or an actual date. Most of these places put you in the the downtownish area so lots of options for pre- and post art bites.  Daytime or night, a quick jaunt to Ocho at Hotel Havanna is fun for a snack or a cocktail. The turquoise sunporch is a happy spot, and allows you to enjoy patio seating rain or most likely shine and lots of heat.

Going down to Blue Star puts you right smack by Stella Public House, Bar 1919 , Blue Star Brewing Company, and Halcyon, and also people love La Tuna (I have been there, but it’s been a while, and I went while on break from like a 5 hour painting class I took the first time I was retired so life generally was just chill and good) There are always all of the yummy spots on South Alamo, plus Bliss, Southtown Pizzeria. Also the perfect time to try the new Maverick. Right by El Mirador. Have heard it is really great, cool inside and an excellent price point, just haven’t been able to try it yet. Oh! And Nonna and Silo Prime. For shizzle sizzles. Have actually been to both and they are Grrrreat. Tony the Tiger great.

But before I just keep rattling off dinner spots around downtown and probably forgetting a ton of them, I also think that a day-time date is completely underrated. If you are single take note. If you are married take even more note. How much dreamier could you get than starting a morning with breakfast at Il Sogno followed by a little bit of art, culture, and history? That is a good way to start a day. A conversation. Or the rest of a lifetime if you ask me. Their breakfast is so good. And starting your day as if you are on vacation in your own city is also a good thing, and a bit of a power play. Winning.

If you time your trip for lunch and are looking for something delicious and healthy that also looks like art, go to Pharm Table! The food is really “spicy” meaning, made with lots of spices, not necessarily hot. Definitely order a Ginger Starter.  My go-to is the Kitchari for a meal and I recommend you save room for the Coconut Cheesecake, it’s suh good. Wilderness girl’s honor.  (P.S. You can also find their cheesecake at Rise Up on Broadway. And if you haven’t been to Rise Up yet, go there too!)

And we might be taking a slight departure from being super healthy here, but word on the street is that Dignowity Meats is delicious for lunch too I just haven’t been. (Sidenote: if we were to poll people, would using the word “meats” in your restaurant name only appeal to men? It’s confusing to me, even when they have a rep for being delicious. Like “Quality Meats” in NY? I have many friends who really love it, but the association for me is “meat sweats” and then I get all nervous at the thought that I would ever get those. Because whatever they are, I do not want them.) It’s on the east-side where you will also find the Carver Community Cultural Center and hopefully me at some point in the next couple of weeks taking my own advice.

Plus if you are in the Carver area or on the East Side/Dignowity, it’s pretty easy to jump over to the Pearl area. So, go on a pretty day, spring is on its way!,  see the art at Carver, and then park it outside at Down on Grayson and play cornhole with an order of nachos and a glass of rosé or a salty topochico. Because the only thing better than topochico with lime, is topochico with lime and salt. Then go next door to Josephine and admire the tree that lives inside while eating 1 million chips with the tomatillo-avocado dip. That is my favorite and I want it to be yours too. (Pro-tip, take some home, and put it on avocado toast in the morning and there will be nothing basic about it.) I also dare you not to order a steak once you see how many bottles of A1 are in there, because let’s face it, we all love A1 and we don’t need to be embarrassed about it. Once you’ve ordered a steak, you’re going to need a wilt too. And once you’ve had an afternoon at both DOG and Josephine St. you will have had a day just like this exhibit: contemporary + historical and all about San Antonio. Full circle. So…. hop to it okay?

photo sources:

Il Sogno pic: mysanantonio.com, Il Sogno breakfast shot: Citygrammag.com , Down on Grayson umbrellas from Down_on_Grayson Instagram. Josephine Street tree: repost from SAWoman, Maverick: Culture Map San Antonio, Nonna Pic: Texas Monthly